What SEO Tools Do You Need for Your Website?

Doing search engine optimization for a website is a challenging task as search engines rank website changes constantly and make things tough for you. You need to be aware of all the latest SEO developments if you intend to get better than the competitors. Here you can know about what SEO tools you need for your website to make the challenge more bearable.

  • Google Search Console

It is a collection of different services that give you an idea of how the search engine is viewing your website by offering you access to many tools. It helps you know how Google perceives your website, lets you track keywords the visitors are using to reach you and helps you to be aware if your website is infected with malware among other features.

  • SEMrush

It is a keyword research tool that allows you to get data on how many people are searching specified terms. It also helps you to know about similar keywords, product listings, related ads, etc. A key feature of this tool is that it allows you to know about competitor ranks, their website backlinks and let you glance at their media and text ads.

  • Linkody

This handy tool lets you analyze the backlinks of your website, generate backlinks reports from clients, get rid of back links and monitor a website’s social shares. You can also connect to Google Analytics and get access to more important data. It is excellent for people who need help with link building.

  • HubSpot’s Website Grader

This is an essential tool because it analyzes your website’s performance, security, SEO and mobile friendliness as well as offers scores on the performance. It also offers recommendations to improve the score.

  • Varvy SEO Tool

This tool allows you to ensure that your website is following all the SEO guidelines laid out by Google. The report you get is very extensive and allows you to know about everything from page speed issues to on page SEO. Newbies can learn a lot form this tool.

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