FreshBooks Vs. QuickBooks: Which is the Better Accounting Software?

With so many accounting software solutions available on the internet, some people get confused about which one to pick. To make things easier for you, we have compared two key software options, FreshBooks and QuickBooks online. Have a look and start saving money to buy a subscription.

The Best Match

QuickBooks Online is the best match for small businesses while FreshBooks is perfect for Freelancers and Solopreneurs.

The Cost

The monthly cost of QuickBooks plans is Simple start at USD 15, Essentials at USD 35 and Plus at USD 50. For FreshBooks monthly subscription, you need to shell out USD 15 for Lite plan, USD 25 for Plus and USD 50 for Premium.

Setting Up

With QuickBooks, the ease of set up is moderate, but with FreshBooks, it’s very easy.

Ease of Use

The processes and interface are easy for both software.


The key features of QuickBooks Simple Start include invoicing, estimates, tracking income & expenses, accepting online payments, tracking and reporting sales tax and importing bank or credit card transactions.

Some prominent features of QuickBooks Essentials plan are managing A/P, inviting multiple users, all features mentioned in Simple Start, and tracking time.

In case of QuickBooks Plus, you not only get all features mentioned in Essentials plan, but you also get to track inventory, manage 1099 contractors, and do budget planning or forecasting.

The key features of FreshBooks Lite are up to 5 clients, tracking income & expenses, time tracking, invoicing/estimates, accepting online payments, importing bank or credit card transactions.

When you opt for FreshBooks Plus, you get all features listed in the Lite plan plus up to 50 clients, reminders for auto payment, recurring invoices, charging late fees for overdue invoices, etc.

If you go for FreshBooks Premium, you not only get all features mentioned in the Plus plan, up to 500 clients, etc.


Both QuickBooks and FreshBooks are available as Android and iOS apps, so you better download whichever you prefer now.

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