How to Start an Online Business with Little Budget?

In today’s modern world it is possible to start a business online with practically no budget at all! Who would have thought that this would be possible? Traditionally, you would assume to start a business you need financial backing and extensive knowledge of qualifications. Today however, all you need is an idea, determination and a little online business knowledge. We have provided a short guide on how you can start an online business with little budget:

Step 1 – Do your research and consider different options

First and foremost before you jump into anything you should always perform extensive research. Take time to understand the types of business available that you can start online with little to no money. The following are some potential avenues you could explore:

– Drop Shipping (selling wholesale goods on EBay etc.)
– Affiliate Marketing
– Blogging / Vlogging
– Reseller hosting (selling website hosting to third-party customers)
– Freelance writing

These are just a handful of ideas – there are plenty more out there if you take the time to look!

Step 2 – Find a free website builder

Once you have established your business idea, you ideally want to create a website. A website is a necessity in today’s internet-orientated world – you want to gain exposure and promote your idea to as large an audience as possible. There are a range of free or cheap website builders available:

– Wix
– Weebly
– 123Site
– SiteBuilder
– Jimdo

Most of these website builders will feature guides and walkthroughs to help you create a basic template and your website pages. The interface will generally be drag and drop and you will not have to have any knowledge of web coding or scripting languages.

Step 3 – Find free website hosting

Now that you have a website it will need hosting. Some website builders actually include website hosting too such as Wix and Weebly – others require that you purchase separate hosting. As with website builders, there is also a myriad of free hosting solutions available. The following are some high quality free website hosting providers:

– WebHost (100gb bandwidth, 1gb disk space)
– Freehostia (6gb bandwidth, 250mb disk space)
– (Unlimited bandwidth, 10gb disk space)
– Byethost (50gb bandwidth, 1gb disk space)
– Awardspace (5gb bandwidth, 1gb disk space)
– FreeHostingEU (4gb bandwidth, 200mb disk space)

Step 4 – Create your online business!

The final steps include finalizing your website and uploading the files so it goes live to the public. Once your business is up and running, you must work on marketing strategies and utilize social media. Promote your business through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and gain as much exposure as possible. As you can see, it is perfectly plausible to create a business with a small budget. You must work hard and persevere however as the first few months will be testing.

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